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Ongoing Projects  


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1.Educational Development
2.Vocational Training for the skill up gradation
3.Medical Health development Programme
4.Women Development for Women empowerment
5.Housing and construction
6.Eradication of child workers
7.Handicapped Person Rehabilitation Programme
8.Sri Lankan Tamil Refugees Rehabilitation Programme

Educational Development:

    Financial and Material support are offered to the children living below the poverty line to enable them to continue their studies from L.K.G to XII standard. The children who are under the age of Six years are given periodical financial and material support to finalize their studies. Majority of the target group identified as beneficiaries of the programme are coming under the following category.  

1. Child Workers 
2.Children belonging to the commercial sex workers
3.Children belonging to the prisoners and victims of various political discrimination
4. Children identified as Dyslexia
5.Children belonging to the refugee from Sri Lanka and other states.
6.Children identified as dependants of victims of various communicable deceases
7.Children identified as school, drop-outs
8.Street children and dependants of pavement dwellers
9.Physically handicapped children
10.Dependants of bonded labourer
11.Children and adolescents returned from prison and rehabilitation camps for committing crimes and delinquencies.

   The aims and objectives of this programme is not only to offer the financial support to make the target group to purchase the school note books. The Books, uniform cloths, school bags, shoes and other educational materials but the scheme is providing an opportunity to create  awareness among the parents and guardians to understand their responsibility to bring up their children to a higher level.

   In addition to the above an effective contract and communication is created in between the parents and teachers to ascertain the drawbacks and deficiencies related to their Children Educational Development programme.

Vocational training programme for skill up graduation: 

    Educated, uneducated unemployed boys and girls from the weaker section of the community are given an opportunity to follow an short term and long term technical trades in various recognized vocational trading centre to up gradate their skills for a better future.

    The criteria for selection of beneficiaries for the Educational Development Programme applies for the vocational training programme .Therefore similar category of person both male and female are selected as beneficiaries of the above programme. The trainings are offered to the candidates in the recognized technical training Institute belonging to private sectors as well as the Government Department. On compilation of the training programme

    Action is being taken to offer job opportunities to the qualified candidates in the Government Department and in private sectors as well as financial support are offered through the Nationalized and Schedule Bank as credit to create a assert for income generation.

    The main idea and objectives of this programme is not only to grant job opportunities to generate income for the survival, but above all, this schema is providing an opportunity to wipe out all the causes that are leading towards antisocial activities. By offer a useful training and occupation we are creating an atmosphere in the society in peace and normalcy among the individuals as well as in the whole society in peace and harmony.

Women development for women empowerment: 

   Self Help groups are formed among the women belonging BPL list to make them eligible to cross their poverty line .The main ideas, aims and objectives of this programme is to help the women belonging to the unorganized sectors to start small savings among themselves to lend credit assistance among themselves to promote their existing infrastructure of the income generating assists .The women belonging to the under mentioned category are selected as beneficiaries of the programme.

1. Young and adult widows

 2. Parents of the children identified as physically and mentally handicapped

 3. Parents of the children identified as child workers, street children, bounded labours rag pickers and commercial sex workers

 4. Young and adult women returned from prison or rehabilitation camps and delinquencies

   To promote the capability building of the target group periodical IEC programmes organized to introduce various government resources to rehabilitate their life for a better future Action is being taken to create linkage with the local nationalized schedule banks to obtain credit assistance with subsidy to enable the unemployment women force to crate assets for incoming generating programmes. The women federation formed among the members belongs to self help groups are monitoring the repayment of loan made by the self help groups. This programme is not only helping the member of the self help groups to build up the very poor economical standard of living but above all though this programme We are creating an atmosphere among the target group to protect their basic and Fundamental Human Rights. This programme gives an opportunity to the young and adult women to keep them away from all antisocial activities.

 Housing and construction :    

                           Low cost dwelling premises are constructed to provide shelter to the homeless at our project area. We have constructed some houses at sevoor panchayat.There is a leprosy colony named as sathiyapuram which is situated in the respective panchayat at Vellore district in Tamil Nadu.

    Numbers of residential premises have been constructed around the project area to provide a permanent shelter to the houseless. In addition to the above due to the above due to natural distress several houses have been damaged subject to the heavy wind, heavy rainfall followed by heavy flood and cyclone etc. reference, we have constructed 150 houses at tirumalpadi and surrounding villages in vandavasi taluk , tiruvannamalai district to the above disasters, we have supported the victims to undertake the repairs and renovation of their dwelling premises to occupy them in peace.

    Our ambition is to build nearly 20,000 residential premises to the houseless before 2010 to settle their unending housing problems.

Eradication of child workers: 

   Meaningful steps are being taken to rescue the child worker from various employment sector to rehabilitate their life. The children below the age of 14 years and above the age of 6 years are rescued from various employment sectors as they are identified as child workers .we have communicated with the ministry of labour employment of Government of India, Chennai to organize and conduct various IEC programmes among the parents and guardians of the child worker to stabilize their economy through small savings thrift And credit to create asserts for income generation programme.

Handicapped Person Rehabilitation Programme:

     Community Based Handicapped persons Rehabilitation programme are sponsored by our organization to support the disabled persons coming under various category and groups. The following facilities are offered to the disabled persons to reconstruct their life for a better future i .e.,

 1. Educational Assistance 
 2.Vocatioal training to upgrade their skill for income generation
 3.Medical Health Assistance
 4.Supply of orthopaedic appliances and mobility aids including hearing aids and spectacles
 5.Various periodical IEC programme are sponsored to build up the capacity of the disabled persons to enable them to seek job opportunities in the Government Departments or in the private Sectors.
 6.Formation and stabilization of self help groups among the disabled persons to stabilize their economical standard of living. Protection of basic and Fundamental Human Rights of the    women, adolescents, children and youth Free legal aid camps and various periodical IES programmes are organized by the Trust to protect the Basic and Fundamental Human Rights of the women ,adolescents, youth and children. Through this programme we are exercising our powers and rights vested on us to reduce the following violence created against the women and children by known and unknown elements in the project area.

 1. Abducting and raping
 2.Trafficking in women and children
 3.Female genital cutting
 4.Gender based violence
 5.Maternal mobility
 6.Early marriage
 7.Adolescents reproduction health
 8.Health hazard in the working area While fighting against all the causes for injustices done to the women and children we are creating an avenue to restore peace and normally in the life of women and children to lead a peaceful life through offering the following facilities.
 1.Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger  
 2.Achieve universal primary education
 3.Promote gender equality and empower women
 4.Reduce child mortality
 5.Improve maternal health
 6.Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
 7.Ensure environmental sustainability
 8.Develop a global partnership for development

Sri Lankan Tamil refugee’s rehabilitation programme: 

              Due to sever ethnic problem in Sri Lanka since 1993 on wards thousands and thousands of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees have left their homeland and sought political asylum in various parts of the globe. According to the information that are available at our office the Sri Lankan Tamils are living as refugees in Canada, America, European countries, Australia as well as in tamilnadu south India. Nearly 65 thousands of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees are living in tamilnadu . Majority of them are living in the refugee camps which are constructed with low cost building materials. The living condition of the srilankan Tamil refugees has gone from bad to worse. Due to lack of housing, sanitation, water supply and drainages, the healthy living condition is not up to the required standard of an average citizen.. Employment and education are totally ignores and refused. Therefore due to poverty and famine they are Compelled to engage themselves in various unskilled work in their locality for very low wages. The Innocent Sri Lankan children are forced to employ themselves as child workers In various sectors. A full fledged rehabilitation programme has to be commenced immediately to grant relief and rehabilitation to the sri Lankan Tamils. So that they can Lead a normal human living. Good shepherd trust considers this as a priority task.